Our products


Discover the Cubetti products. Every piece of wood is a small miracle on its own. We offer 27 products in 4 different shapes, and 10 shades of nature.

Our wallcoverings are made of solid residual wood and are provided with eco-friendly oil wax. Upon delivery, the products are ready for installation. No additional treatment is required.

Our products are super easy-to-install

Cubetti’s wallcoverings are available in panels measuring 270 x 540 mm or 158 x 440 mm, depending on the type of product. This makes it possible to quickly cover large wall surfaces. The panels are fitted with fibreglass mesh on the back, which makes them easy to glue to a substrate. Thanks to the mosaics, the borders between the panels are invisible after correct installation. The panels are available per box and perfectly customizable because the cubes are glued to a mesh backing. This allows the cubes to be easily detached from each other using an utility knife. For more technical information, please consult our installation manual.